Message from CEO Yoshida


Eight years have passed since my company has established at the age of fifteen.
In the eight years to my 30 years old, my soul of challenging to start another new business has grown in the past few years. So in fact, in April 2018, I have established new company named "nommoc Inc.".
The business of "nommoc Inc.” is a new car-dispatch service using Artificial Intelligence (A.I.). The fare for move is all “free” for users.
This new concept of the “Move Freely” can be achieved because the car is a mobile advertising platform.
I would like to produce the new mobile advertising platform, which is my challenge for the next 8 years.
"FUNDINNO", Japanese first matching funding service, is used for the company's first funding. Furthermore the company’s stock will be opened in the stock market.
A lot of Human Resources and Funds are required for this very challenging business.
It is welcome very much the ones who can cooperate for success this new business.